Privacy Policy

Hello, my name is Paul Clarke. I am Chris' son, and I run the website. I thought you might like to know about our privacy policy. Chris is in the speaking, training and consulting business and uses the internet as a tool to connect with past and future clients, program participants, peers and SPEAKING! staff. Chris is not in the business of collecting and selling lists of names and e-mail addresses. We do not collect personally identifiable information about visitors to the SPEAKING! site, and will not, at any time, begin that practice.

You should know that almost all internet traffic is recorded by someone, typically by the company that hosts the site. Our service provider collects the domain from which you are logged in and our search service keeps track of what you are looking for. Knowing where our visitors are from and what they are searching for is helpful to us as we continue to upgrade the site.

We also use a variety of companies that help us build blogs, quizzes, polls and other "webcessories". We also link to the sites of a variety of speaking partners, industry experts and associations. When you click a link that takes you away from one of our websites (,,,, you are no longer protected by the terms of our privacy policy, and subject to the terms of that website's policy.

Many companies fail to tell you what information is being collected, and reserve the right to change their practices, after they have your personal data, and after you have the chance to opt out. I want you to know that we do not, and will not, collect personally identifiable information about you unless you choose to send it to us. Period.

If you have any questions about this policy, please send me a message.

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